Meow Magnets
Product Info

Long Lasting Quality
Our high quality fridge magnets are made in Australia from carefully selected imported parts and materials from the USA and Austria, to ensure we create a durable, long lasting product that you can use for years on end.

Magnetic Strength
Meow Magnets are medium strength. A single magnet and can comfortably hold two sheets of 80gsm paper. For heavier cardstock you can use multiple magnets. A single magnet is strong enough to hold random bits and bobs to the fridge but not so strong you need to use two hands to remove them! We think they are just right.

Stainless Steel Style Fridges
If you have a modern grey fridge please be aware that the doors on some models are not very magnetic and can struggle to hold fridge magnets. The magnets they do hold may only be suitable for decorative use. The sides may be more magnetic than the front. Before buying your new fridge we suggest taking a magnet along to the showroom to test it out.